Maine Notary Acknowledgement Forms

Maine notary acknowledgement forms consist of nine (9) notarial certificates in accordance with Title 4, Chapter 22, Section 106 of the Maine revised statutes. Notarial certificates are written forms attached to or included in a legal instrument (affidavit, agreement, and other such documents) that, when completed by a notary public, signify that the document has been executed as the signatory’s free act and deed. For a document to be acknowledged, the signing party(ies) must present the instrument to a notary public, show proof of identity, and acknowledge that they have inscribed their signature by their own free will. Documents that demand a notary acknowledgement can be signed before being presented to the notary, whereas oaths and affirmations (jurats) require that each signatory sign in the presence of the notary public. Notarization is complete once the notary fills out the acknowledgement form and inscribes their signature. (Notary seals are optional in the State of Maine.)

Laws§ 4:22:1016

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