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Maine Jurat Form – Certification of a Document

The Maine certification jurat form is applicable only to documents that require a notary public to verify the authenticity of a copy of a particular legal instrument. The individual (customer) must attach this notarial certificate to their document (or include it at the end of the document) and present it to a notary public. The signing party in this case must swear under penalty of perjury that the copy is an exact replica of the original. Next, the individual will complete and sign the top section of the certification in front of the notary public. The notary will complete the bottom section of the certification form and inscribe their signature thereto.

Laws§ 4:22:1016




I, ________________ [name of person appearing before the notary], do swear that this is a true and exact copy of ________________ [type of document] and that the original remains in my possession.

[Signature of Customer]

State of Maine
County of ________________

Sworn to and subscribed before me ________________ this ________________ day of ________________, 20___, at ________________, Maine by ________________ [name of individual appearing before the notary].

[Notary Public Signature]
[Print Name of Notary Public]
Notary Public, State of Maine
My Commission Expires: ________________
[Seal optional]