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Maine Notary Acknowledgement – Attorney In Fact

The Maine attorney in fact notary acknowledgement form is reserved requiring notarization that are signed by an individual’s attorney in fact. The attorney in fact must present this document to a notary pubic and (if necessary) produce identification. Since the attorney is the person who has executed and signed the document in question, the principal is not required to appear before the notary. An acknowledgement must be made by the attorney stating that they did in fact sign this document and did so on their own free act and deed. The notary public’s signature and seal (optional) on the acknowledgement form makes the document official.

Laws§ 4:22:1016




State of Maine
County of ________________

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this ________________ [date] by ________________ [name of attorney in fact] as attorney in fact on behalf of ________________ [name of principal].

[Notary Public Signature]
[Print Name of Notary Public]
Notary Public, State of Maine
My Commission Expires: ________________
[Seal optional]