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Maine Notary Acknowledgement – Partnership

Maine partnership notary acknowledgement forms validate the signatures made by representatives of a partnership on a legal instrument. After the signatures have been inscribed on the document, the signatory must appear before a notary public and acknowledge that they have signed the document freely, without third-party persuasion. The signing party will most likely have to show proof of identification as well. If the notary can personally recognize the signatory, they are not required to show I.D. The notary must fill in the empty fields on the acknowledgement form and include their signature and seal (seal is optional) at the bottom.

Laws§ 4:22:1016




State of Maine
County of ________________

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this ________________ [date] by ________________ [name of acknowledging partner or agent], partner (or agent) on behalf of ________________ [name of partnership], a partnership.

[Notary Public Signature]
[Print Name of Notary Public]
Notary Public, State of Maine
My Commission Expires: ________________
[Seal optional]