New Hampshire Notary Acknowledgement Forms

New Hampshire notary acknowledgement forms are documents which are used to provide notarial certification of the identity and willingness of an individual who is signing a legal instrument. Notarial certificates are also used when administering oaths/affirmations and making attested copies of documents. To obtain this type of verification, an individual requiring notarization must present themselves before a notary public, identify themselves, swear the oath/affirmation (if applicable), and either acknowledge the signed document or sign it in the notary’s presence. If the notary public knows the signer personally, this personal knowledge will serve as sufficient confirmation of their identity. Otherwise, the signer must identify themselves with at least one photo ID that displays their signature. Notary publics can often be found in local banks, public libraries, Clerk of Court’s Offices, UPS stores, and phone directories.

Laws – §456-B:8

Verify a Notary Public –