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New Hampshire Notary Acknowledgement for a Corporation

The New Hampshire notary acknowledgement for a corporation is used to verify the signature of an individual who is signing a legal document on behalf of a corporation. The legal instrument must either already be signed when it is taken to a notary public or it must be signed in front of the notary. The individual signing on behalf of the corporation can present the signed document to a notary public and be positively identified before the notary can give their written “acknowledgement.” Once the notary has confirmed the representative’s identity, they will sign and stamp the notarial certificate thus completing the acknowledgement process.

Laws – §456-B:8(II)




State of New Hampshire }

County of ____________ }

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this __________ [date] by _________________ [name of officer or agent title of officer or agent] of __________________ [name of corporation acknowledging] a __________________ [state or place of incorporation] corporation on behalf of the corporation.



Signature of notarial officer


Title (and Rank)

[My commission expires_______________]