Virginia Notary Acknowledgement Forms

The Virginia Notary Acknowledgement forms are documents used by notaries in the state of Virginia to authenticate the signatures located on legal instruments. The type of acknowledgement form coincides with the signatory; a corporate acknowledgement would be used when a corporate officer signs on behalf of the company, a partnership acknowledgement would be employed in the same way. It is required that each signer of the initial document present themselves before a notary public, identify themselves, and declare that they signed by their own volition and for the purpose stated in the document.

Laws Code of Virginia  § 55-113.

Verify a Notary Public –

Virginia Notary Acknowledgement – Individual

Virginians seeking authentication of their signature on a legal document will need to locate a notary public and have them complete the Virginia Notary Acknowledgement form. The language on this form, specifically “acknowledged before me,” implies that the signer of the document …

Virginia Notary Acknowledgement – Partnership

The Virginia Notary Acknowledgement form for partnerships is used to certify the authenticity of a signature found on a legal document that was executed by a representative of a partnership, for the partnership. The words “acknowledged before me” indicate that the legal instrument …