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Virginia Notary Acknowledgement – Partnership

The Virginia Notary Acknowledgement form for partnerships is used to certify the authenticity of a signature found on a legal document that was executed by a representative of a partnership, for the partnership. The words “acknowledged before me” indicate that the legal instrument and partnership representative appeared before a notary public and that the signer stated that the signature was provided as an act of their free will and for the purposes stated in the document. It is the notary public’s duty to confirm the identity of the partner or agent and to complete the notary acknowledgement form once the requisite information has been gathered.

Laws Code of Virginia  § 55-113.


Commonwealth of Virginia
County of ___________

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me ________ [Name of Notary] this _______ [Date] by __________________ [Name of Partner or Agent), partner (or agent) on behalf of _________ [Name of Partnership], a partnership.


[Signature of Person Taking Acknowledgement]
[Title or Rank]
[Serial Number, if any]

Notary’s Registration Number:___________