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Virginia Notary Acknowledgement – Individual

Virginians seeking authentication of their signature on a legal document will need to locate a notary public and have them complete the Virginia Notary Acknowledgement form. The language on this form, specifically “acknowledged before me,” implies that the signer of the document appeared before the person taking the acknowledgement, he/she acknowledged that they executed the instrument, they signed for the purposes stated therein, and that the person taking the acknowledgement had satisfactory evidence of the individual’s identity. When a notarial officer has confirmed the above information, they will sign the acknowledgement form and provide their official seal thus notarizing the signature on the legal instrument.

Laws Code of Virginia  § 55-113.


Commonwealth of Virginia
County of ___________

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me ________this ________[Date]
by _____________________[Name of Person Acknowledged].


[Signature of Person Taking Acknowledgement]
[Title or Rank]
[Serial Number, if any]

Notary’s Registration Number:___________