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Virginia Notarial Certificate – Jurat

Virginia Jurat is a simple form that indicates that a legal document was signed in a notary’s presence and that the signer has sworn under oath or affirmation that the statements in the document are true. As opposed to an acknowledgement, where the signer is attesting to the authenticity of the signature found on a legal document, the jurat specifically certifies the accuracy of the information provided in a written statement or on a legal document. Often a jurat will be located at the bottom of an affidavit for the notary public to complete once the oath or affirmation has been performed and the document signed.

Laws Code of Virginia  § 55-113.


Commonwealth of Virginia
County of ___________

The foregoing instrument was subscribed and sworn before me this _______day of ___________, 20____, by ________________ [Name of Affiant].


[Signature of Person Taking Acknowledgement]
[Title or Rank]
[Serial Number, if any]

Notary’s Registration Number:___________