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Virginia Notary Acknowledgement – Corporation

Virginia Corporate Notary Acknowledgement forms are used to certify that a corporate officer or agent signed on behalf of their corporation for the purposes stated in the document. An officer or agent representing the company must have the authority to execute a document on the company’s behalf and, in signing the instrument, must understand that they’re doing so as the free act of the corporation. A notary public will review the unnotarized legal document, ask the signer to acknowledge their signature and prove their identity, and complete the notarial certificate by filling in the fields of the form and providing their official seal.

Laws Code of Virginia  § 55-113.


Commonwealth of Virginia
County of ___________

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me ___________ [Name of Notary] this _____________ [Date] by _______________ [Name of Officer or Agent, Title of Officer or Agent] of ________________ [Name of Corporation Acknowledging] a _____________ [State or Place of Incorporation] corporation, on behalf of the corporation.


[Signature of Person Taking Acknowledgement]
[Title or Rank]
[Serial Number, if any]

Notary’s Registration Number:___________