Minnesota Notary Acknowledgement Forms

Minnesota notary acknowledgement forms are certificates of notarial acts that are used to officially notarize legal documents such as trusts, agreements, powers of attorney, deeds, and other such instruments. Each certificate serves a different purpose and notarial act. A document requiring an acknowledgement can be signed by all parties before presenting it to a notary public. Oaths/affirmations (or jurats) and signature witnessing require each signatory to sign in the notary’s presence. Regardless of the type of instrument and the capacity in which the signatory is signing, the notary form must be attached to or included in the unnotarized document. The notary form is valid only after the notary public signs and seals the certificate.

Laws§ 358.48

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Minnesota Notary Acknowledgement – Individual

A Minnesota notary acknowledgement for an individual is a form used for acknowledging (notarizing) the signature of an individual after it has been inscribed on a legal document. To obtain notarization, the signatory must appear before a notary public with …

Minnesota Notary Acknowledgement – Representative

Documents that have been signed by someone in a representative capacity (officer, trustee, agent, etc.) will require a Minnesota representative notary acknowledgement form. This notarial certificate serves as proof that the signatures inscribed therein are legitimate and were not signed …