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Minnesota Notary Acknowledgement – Representative

Documents that have been signed by someone in a representative capacity (officer, trustee, agent, etc.) will require a Minnesota representative notary acknowledgement form. This notarial certificate serves as proof that the signatures inscribed therein are legitimate and were not signed under coercion. This certificate must be attached to or included in the document in question to obtain a representative notary acknowledgement. The representative must appear before a notary public and declare that they signed on their own free will. If the notary does not personally recognize the representative, they may be required to show identification.

Laws§ 358.47



State of Minnesota
County of ________________

This instrument was acknowledged before me on ________________ [date] by
______________________ [name(s) of person(s)] as ______________________ [type of authority, e.g., officer, trustee, etc.] of ______________________ [name of party on behalf of whom the instrument was executed].

[Seal, if any]

[Signature of notarial officer]
[Title (and Rank)]
My Commission Expires: ______________________