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Minnesota Notarial Certificate – Witness Signature

Should a legal instrument require the witnessing of a signature by a notary public, the signing party(ies) should present the instrument to the notary with a Minnesota witness notarial certificate attached. The notary will verify the identities of the signer(s) and ask them to sign the document in their presence. No other verification or acknowledgement is necessary for this particular act. Once the signature has been witnessed, the notary shall fill out the notarial certificate complete with signature and stamp.

Laws§ 358.47



State of Minnesota
County of ________________

Signed or attested before me on ________________ [date] by ______________________ [name(s) of person(s)].

[Seal, if any]
[Signature of notarial officer]
[Title (and Rank)]
My Commission Expires: ______________________