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Tennessee Notary Acknowledgement – Partnership

Tennessee Notary Acknowledgements for Partnerships are forms that are attached to legal instruments executed on behalf of partnerships in the State of Tennesse. A partner of the organization must present themselves before a notary public, prove their identity to the officer, and establish that they have the authority as an acting partner within the company to execute the instrument. The notary will then complete the notarial certificate by filling in the fields, signing the document, and administering their seal. This completed form can be attached to the initial instrument to prove that the signatures contained therein were acknowledged by the signatories and that the instrument was completed for the purposes therein contained.

Laws – TN Code § 66-22-108 (2017)


State of Tennessee

County of ________

Before me, ________________ [Name of Notary] of the state and county aforementioned, personally appeared __________ [Name of Partner] with whom I am personally acquainted (or proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence), and who, upon oath, acknowledged such person to be a partner of __________________ [Name of Partnership] the within named bargainor, a partnership, and that such person, as such partner, executed the foregoing instrument for the purpose therein contained, by signing the name of the partnership by such
person as partner.

Witness my hand, at office, this ____day of________, 20____.


Notary’s Signature


My commission expires:_______________