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Tennessee Notarial Certificate – Electronic Copy Certification

Tennessee Electronic Copy Certification is a document completed by a notary public along with an attorney or custodian of an electronic document. The first section of the form is to be completed by the attorney/custodian as they make an oath that the copy of the original document is true and that they have the authority to make such a statement. This oath must be made before a notary, who will complete the remainder of the notarial certificate after witnessing the signature of the individual. The officer will provide their seal only if the notarial certificate is completed on paper.

Laws – TN Code § 66-24-203 (2017)


I, ________ [Name of Person making Certification], do hereby make oath that I am a licensed attorney and/or the custodian of the electronic version of the attached document tendered for registration herewith and that this is a true and correct copy of the original document executed and authenticated according to law.

State of ____________

County of __________

Personally appeared before me _____________ [Name of Notary], a notary public for this county and state, ________________ [Name of Person making Certification] who acknowledges that this certification of an electronic document is true and correct and whose signature I have witnessed.

Notary’s Signature

Seal (if on paper)

My commission expires:_______________