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Tennessee Notary Acknowledgment – General Corporation

A Tennessee Notary Acknowledgement form for a Corporation is one that is designated for the notarization of an instrument executed by a corporate official signing on behalf of their company. The notary public will be required to identify the officer (by previous knowledge or identification) and ascertain that, as the corporate representative, they have sufficient authority to complete the legal instrument on the corporation’s behalf. The title held by the official will be required to complete the acknowledgement form, as will the name of the corporation and that of the signatory. This document can be used for corporations who have a corporate seal as well as those that do not.

Laws – TN Code § 66-22-108 (2017)


State of Tennessee

County of ________

Before me, ________________ [Name of Notary] of the state and county mentioned, personally appeared _____________ [Name of Signatory] with whom I am personally acquainted (or proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence), and who, upon oath, acknowledged such person to be the president (or other officer authorized to execute the instrument) of __________ [Name of Corporation], the within named bargainor, a
corporation, and that such president or officer as such _____________ [Title of Signatory], executed the foregoing instrument for the purpose therein contained, by personally signing the name of the corporation as ____________.

Witness my hand, at office, this ____day of________, 20____.

Notary’s Signature


My commission expires:_______________