Wyoming Notary Acknowledgement Forms

The Wyoming Notary Acknowledgement forms are documents used to authenticate signatures found on legal documents. Wyoming residents who wish to have a document notarized will be required to present themselves before a notarial officer with their legal instrument in hand. The notary will ask to see physical identification if the identity of the individual is not known. The signatory will then have to proclaim that their signature was provided without coercion from a third party and for the purposes outlined in the legal instrument. Once this has all been completed, the notarial officer will complete the notary acknowledgement form with their official seal or stamp. A verification upon oath or affirmation is a separate notarial certificate used to authenticate a statement made by an individual or representative thereof. The signature of the individual must be provided in the presence of the notary.

Laws WY Stat § 34-26-101 (2016)

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