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Wyoming Notary Acknowledgement – Representative

Wyoming Notary Acknowledgements for Representatives are used to notarize signatures made by individuals acting in a representative capacity to a principal or business entity. The authority the individual has to execute a legal document on another’s behalf must be made evident to the notarial officer, as will the identity of the signer and the name of the party on behalf of whom the instrument is executed. Once the above information has been ascertained and the signer has acknowledged their signature in the presence of the officer, the notary will complete the acknowledgment form thus notarizing the initial document.

Laws – WY Stat § 34-26-101 (2016)


State of Wyoming
County of ___________

This instrument was acknowledged before me on ________ [Date] by __________ [Name(s) of Person(s)] as _________________ [Type of Authority, e.g., Officer, Trustee,etc.] of ______________ [Name of Party on Behalf of whom the Instrument was Executed].

Signature of Notarial Officer


Title (and Rank)
My commission expires:__________