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Texas Notary Acknowledgement – Corporation

The Texas Corporate Notary Acknowledgement form is designated specifically for the notarization of a legal document signed by a corporate official with sufficient authority to execute an instrument on behalf of the company. The notary public, in this case, once presented with the instrument, will be required to identify the signatory(ies), recognize their title and ability to represent the corporation, and complete the corporate notary acknowledgement form using the information provided by the representative. The instrument will be deemed notarized once the notarial officer administers her/his seal on the notarial certificate.

Laws – § 121.001-§ 121.015


State of Texas

County of ___________

This instrument was acknowledged before me on _________ [Date] by ___________ [Name of Officer], _________________ [Title of Officer] of ______________ [Name of Corporation Acknowledging], a ___________ [State of Incorporation] corporation, on behalf of said corporation.



Notary Public Signature