Texas Notary Acknowledgement Forms

Texas Notary Acknowledgement formare used to validate and legally recognize the signatures inscribed on legal instruments. In many cases, a document will not be deemed effective until a notary public is presented with the signed instrument and the signatories acknowledge their signature in the public official’s presence while providing proof of their identity. In the above case, an acknowledgement, the initial instrument can be signed in advance. In the case of a jurat, the notary public must witness the signing of the document. In either case, if the principal signer, or representative thereof, has sufficiently proven their identity and has made the necessary statements, the notary will sign the notarial certificate and affix to it their official seal thus notarizing the legal instrument.

Laws – § 121.001-§ 121.015

Verify a Notary Public direct.sos.state.tx.us/notaries/notarysearch

Texas Notarial Certificate – Jurat

The Texas Jurat is no different from the standard notarial certificate found in most states across the country; it contains a statement which dictates that the principal signer has sworn to (or affirmed) the truthfulness...
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