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Texas Notary Acknowledgement – Partnership

The Texas Partnership Notary Acknowledgement form contains language that affirms the authenticity of a signature found on a legal instrument executed by a partner on behalf of their partnership. This text can be found in the initial legal instrument or attached thereto and presented to a notarial officer. It simply states that the signatures on the legal instrument were acknowledged before the notary public by the signing party, that they belong to the signatory, and that the signatory signed on behalf of the partnership. The notary will provide their own signature and their seal once the aforementioned information has been confirmed.

Laws – § 121.001-§ 121.015


State of Texas

County of ___________

This instrument was acknowledged before me on _______________ [Date] by _________________ [Name of Acknowledging Partner or Partners], partner(s) on behalf of ___________________ [Name of Partnership], a partnership.



Notary Public Signature