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Pennsylvania Notarial Certificate – Verification Upon Oath or Affirmation

The Pennsylvania notarial certificate for verification upon oath or affirmation is a form that is used by a notary public to validate the signed and sworn statement that an individual has made. An oath or affirmation is when an individual makes a written statement and swears upon his/her faith or honor that the statement is true. This is a notarial act and must be administered by a registered notary public. Furthermore, they must make a spoken oath or affirmation that the statement is true. Once this has been completed, the notary will need to fill out, sign, and stamp the notarial certificate in order to validate notarial act.

Laws – § 316(3) and § 306




Commonwealth of Pennsylvania }

County of ______________        }


Signed and sworn to (or affirmed) before me on me on _____________________________ [Date] by __________________________________________ [Name(s) of Individual(s) Making Statement].



Signature of Notarial Officer

Printed or typed name of Notarial Officer

Title of Officer

My commission expires: __________________