Pennsylvania Notary Acknowledgement Forms

Pennsylvania notary acknowledgement forms are used by notaries public to validate the signatures of individuals signing a legal instrument in their own name, as representatives for a third party, or as a witness. This type of notarial certificate is most often required to certify documents that facilitate the transfer of property, including deeds, living trusts, wills, and title transfers. The purpose of the notary acknowledgement is to provide an official verification that the signature of an individual is authentic and that they have executed the legal instrument with full knowledge of its ramifications. To have their signature notarized, the signatory must attach the appropriate notarial certificate to the signed document and bring these papers before a registered notary public. The notary public will need to prove the individual’s identity through personal knowledge or satisfactory evidence (photo ID bearing the person’s signature). Once the signatory’s signature has been verified and they have acknowledged that they freely signed the document, the notary will fill out the notary acknowledgement form. State law requires that acknowledged documents have an official notary seal affixed to them before they can be considered valid.

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