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Pennsylvania Individual Notary Acknowledgement

The Pennsylvania individual notary acknowledgement is a notarial certificate that must be used to notarize a legal instrument that an individual has executed in their own name. To obtain a notary acknowledgement, the signatory must bring their signed document and the certificate to a notary public. The individual is required to physically present themselves before a notary when acknowledging their signature. Before the notarial officer can fill out the notarial certificate, the signer must provide photo identification if the notary doesn’t have previous knowledge of their identity. The notary must affix their official stamp or seal to the certificate in order for the notarization to be complete.

Laws – § 316(1)




Commonwealth of Pennsylvania }

County of ______________        }


This record was acknowledged before me on _____________________________ [Date] by __________________________________________ [Name(s) of Individual(s)].



Signature of Notarial Officer

Printed or typed name of Notarial Officer

Title of Officer

My commission expires: __________________