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Pennsylvania Notary Acknowledgement – Representative

The Pennsylvania notary acknowledgement for an individual acting in a representative capacity is used to authenticate the signature of a person who has signed a legal instrument on behalf of a third party. This person may be a representative of a corporation, an LLC, or another individual who has given them power of attorney. The main purposes of the acknowledgement are for a notary public to verify the identity of the signatory, confirm that the signature is authentic, and to have the subject attest that they willfully executed the instrument. The signer’s identity must be confirmed through personal knowledge or by examining their identification. When the notary fills out the acknowledgement form, they must affix their notary stamp or seal in order for it to be validated.

Laws – § 316(2)




Commonwealth of Pennsylvania }

County of ______________        }


This record was acknowledged before me on _____________________________ [Date] by __________________________________________ [Name(s) of Individual(s)] as ______________________ [Type of Authority] who represent that (he, she or they) are authorized to act on behalf of ______________________________________ [Name of Party on Behalf of Whom Record Was Executed].



Signature of Notarial Officer

Printed or typed name of Notarial Officer

Title of Officer

My commission expires: __________________