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Ohio Individual Notary Acknowledgement

The Ohio individual notary acknowledgement is a document used to notarize the signature on a legal document executed by an individual signing on their own behalf. Notary acknowledgements are most commonly required alongside documents that facilitate the transfer of property (such as deeds, wills, and living trusts). The individual who signed the instrument must bring a signed copy to a notary public who knows the signer, such as a personal banker or lawyer. If the notary is not familiar with the signatory, they will need to identify the individual by examining a photo ID that displays their signature. Once the notary has viewed the signed document and verified the signer’s identity, they will notarize the instrument by filling out the notary acknowledgement, affixing their signature and seal.

Laws – §147.55(A)




State of Ohio                         }

County of ______________ }


The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this _________________ [Date] by ______________________________ [Name of Person Acknowledged].


Signature of person taking acknowledgment

Printed name of person taking acknowledgement

Title or rank

Serial number, if any