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Ohio Notarial Certificate – Affidavit

An Ohio Affidavit is used to facilitate and record a signed and sworn statement which an individual must make in the presence of a notary public. The individual (affiant) will need to swear before a notary public that the statement written in the affidavit is true upon their faith or honor. Furthermore, the sworn statement, also known as an oath or affirmation, is made under penalty of perjury on the part of the affiant. In order for the certificate to be valid, both the individual and the notary public must sign it. The notary must affix their official stamp or seal to the signed affidavit.

Laws§ 147.51




State of Ohio                         }

County of ______________ }


Being duly sworn, ______________________________ [Name of Signer] says as follows:

  1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Name of signer


Sworn to and subscribed in my presence this ____________ day of ____________, 20____ by __________________________ [Name of Signer].


Signature of person taking acknowledgment

Printed name of person taking acknowledgement

Title or rank

Serial number, if any