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Ohio Notary Acknowledgement – Partnership

An Ohio notary acknowledgement for a partnership is the form that a notary public must use to notarize the signature on a legal instrument that has been made by an individual who has signed on behalf of a partnership. The notary public does not have to witness the signing of the document. The signatory must bring the signed instrument, with the acknowledgement form attached, to a notary public. The notary public will identify the representative by examining their credentials, unless the signer is known to them. After the notary has verified the individual’s signature, they can complete the notary acknowledgement form and affix their notary seal.

Laws – §147.55(C)




State of Ohio                         }

County of ______________ }


The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this ___________________ [Date] by ___________________________ [Name of Acknowledging Partner or Agent], partner (or agent) on behalf of ____________________________ [Name of Partnership], a partnership.




Signature of person taking acknowledgment

Printed name of person taking acknowledgement

Title or rank

Serial number, if any