Ohio Notary Acknowledgement Forms

Ohio notary acknowledgement forms are notarial certificates that provide certification for the signatures on certain legal instruments, including property transfers, deeds, wills, and living trusts. These notarial forms can notarize the signature of an individual who is signing on his/her own behalf or that of a representative signing on a principal’s behalf. The individual whose signature is being acknowledged must personally bring a copy of the signed document to a notary public. The notary will need to verify the identity and signature of the signatory by personal knowledge of the signatory or by examining their identification. Once the signer’s identity has been confirmed and their signature acknowledged, the notary can fill out the notary acknowledgement form, affixing their signature and notary stamp or seal.

Laws – §147.53, §147.54, and §147.55

Verify a Notary Public – https://www.sos.state.oh.us/

Ohio Individual Notary Acknowledgement

The Ohio individual notary acknowledgement is a document used to notarize the signature on a legal document executed by an individual signing on their own behalf. Notary acknowledgements are most commonly required alongside documents that facilitate...
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