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New Mexico Notary Acknowledgement Form – Acknowledgement of a Mark

A New Mexico notary acknowledgement form for the acknowledgement of a mark is a document which is attached to a legal instrument when the signer is only able to sign with a mark (usually an “X”). Reasons for this can be that the signer is physically incapable of providing a proper signature or that they are illiterate. The requirements for this type of notary acknowledgement are that the signer demonstrates a clear intention to put the legal instrument into action, that they provide their mark in the presence of the notary and two (2) credible witnesses, and that both witnesses sign the instrument.

Laws – § 14-12A-7(C, D)





Name of Signatory


His/Her Mark



Printed Name and Address of Witness


Printed Name and Address of Witness


State of New Mexico         }

County of ____________ }

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this ___ day of ____________ [month], 20___, by ____________________ [name of principal signer], who signed by way of mark in the presence of these witnesses.



Signature of notarial officer

My commission expires:______________