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New Mexico Notary Acknowledgement Form – Representative Capacity

The New Mexico notary acknowledgement form for a person acting in a representative capacity is used to acknowledge a legal instrument signed by an individual on the behalf of another party. The signer may have power of attorney to sign on behalf of another person or be the acting representative of a corporation or partnership. Before a notary public may sign and seal the notary acknowledgement, they must verify the signer’s identity, signature, and authority to sign as the acting representative.

Laws – § 14-14-8




State of New Mexico       }

County of ____________ }

This instrument was acknowledged before me on __________________ [date] by________________________ [name(s) of person(s)] as _______________ [type of authority, e.g., officer, trustee, etc.] of __________________________ [name of party on behalf of whom instrument was executed].



Signature of notarial officer

My commission expires:______________