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New Mexico Notarial Certificate – Oath or Affirmation

The New Mexico notarial certificate for an oath or affirmation is used by a notary public to provide the necessary certification for an individual who is taking an oath or affirmation. An oath/affirmation is an act administered by a notary in which an individual makes a vow of truthfulness or fidelity while invoking their personal honor or religious faith. The individual must either be known to the notary public or prove their identity with photo identification. After the individual has made the oath/affirmation and signed the statement/affidavit in the presence of the notary public, the notary will provide the required certification by filling out and stamping the notarial certificate.

Laws – § 14-12A-2(B)§ 14-14-8




State of New Mexico        }

County of ____________ }

Signed and sworn (or affirmed) before me on _______________________ [date] by __________________________________________ [name(s) of person(s) making statement].



Signature of notarial officer

My commission expires:______________