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New Mexico Individual Notary Acknowledgement Form

The New Mexico individual notary acknowledgement form is a document that is attached to a legal instrument which an individual is signing on their own behalf. This is the most common type of notary acknowledgement, and will need to be completed by a registered notary public. To obtain notarization for the legal instrument, the signer must bring the document to a notary public, identify themselves with a photo ID (if the notary does not know them personally), and indicate that the legal instrument was signed voluntarily. The legal instrument may be signed ahead of time or in the presence of the notary.

Laws – § 14-12A-2(A)§ 14-14-8




State of New Mexico        }

County of ____________ }

This instrument was acknowledged before me on __________________ [date] by_____________________________________________ [name(s) of person(s)].



Signature of notarial officer

My commission expires:______________