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New Mexico Notary Acknowledgement Form for Copy of a Document

A New Mexico notary acknowledgement form for the copy of a document is a form which is used to certify the duplicate of a legal document. To obtain an acknowledgement for the copy of a document (often referred to as an “attested copy”) the original item will need to be brought before a notary public, who must either photocopy it themselves or supervise the copying. Attested copies are not allowed for documents that are vital records, public records, or publicly recordable. Once the copying has been completed, the notary must compare the original with the copy before filling out the notary acknowledgement form and affixing their notary stamp.

Laws – § 14-12A-2(D)§ 14-14-8




State of New Mexico        }

County of ____________ }

I certify that this is a true and correct copy of a document in the possession of ____________________________________________  [individual’s name].




Signature of notarial officer

My commission expires:______________