Mississippi Notary Acknowledgement Forms

Mississippi notary acknowledgement forms are comprised of eight (8) different notarial certificates; seven (7) acknowledgements and one (1) jurat. These forms are used in conjunction with legal instruments, typically those regarding real estate, deeds, personal property, and inheritance. Once these documents have been executed, they require notarization in order to be filed to record. The document requiring notarization shall be presented to a notary public with the proper notarial certificate attached thereto, and the notary will perform the necessary duties to complete the notarization process. Each certificate serves a different purpose; more specifically, a different signatory.

Laws§ 89-3-7

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Mississippi Notary Acknowledgement – Witness

A Mississippi witness notary acknowledgement form is used for notarizing the signature of a subscribing witness on a particular legal document. Having inscribed their signature, the witness must bring the document (with the notarial certificate included therein) to a notary …