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Mississippi Notary Acknowledgement – Individual

Obtaining acknowledgement of an instrument executed by a person in their own right requires said instrument to have a Mississippi individual notary acknowledgement certificate attached thereto. Once signed and sealed by a notary public, the document will be officially notarized. The signing parties involved in executing the document must all personally appear before the notary public and produce identification. Each signatory shall make a verbal acknowledgement assuring the notary that they signed under free will.

Laws§ 89-3-7



State of Mississippi
County of ________________

Personally appeared before me, the undersigned authority in and for the said county and state, on this ____ day of ________________, 20 ___, within my jurisdiction, the within named ______________________ [name(s) of person(s) acknowledged], who acknowledged that (he) (she) (they) executed the above and foregoing instrument

[Notary Public]
My Commission Expires: ______________________