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Mississippi Notary Acknowledgement – Witness

A Mississippi witness notary acknowledgement form is used for notarizing the signature of a subscribing witness on a particular legal document. Having inscribed their signature, the witness must bring the document (with the notarial certificate included therein) to a notary public and show identification. Once the notary has confirmed the witness’ identity, they will ask for a verbal acknowledgement ensuring the document was signed under free will. The notary’s duty is complete once they fill out the notary acknowledgement form, inscribe their own signature, and affix their notary seal.

Laws§ 89-3-7



State of Mississippi
County of ________________

Personally appeared before me, the undersigned authority in and for the said county and state, on this ____ day of ________________, 20 ___, within my jurisdiction, CD, one of the subscribing witnesses to the above and foregoing instrument, who, being first duly sworn, states that (he) (she) saw the within (or above) named AB, whose name is subscribed thereto, sign and deliver the same to EF (or that (he) (she) heard AB acknowledge that (he) (she) signed and delivered the same to EF); and that the affiant subscribed (his) (her) name as witness thereto in the presence of AB. ______________________ (CD)

[Notary Public]
My Commission Expires: ______________________