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Mississippi Notary Acknowledgement – Representative

For individuals who have signed a legal document (real estate deed, trust agreement, etc.) in a representative capacity must attach a Mississippi representative notary acknowledgement form to the document to obtain notarization. After inscribing their signature, the representative shall seek out a notary public and present them with the document. The representative must make a verbal acknowledgement (after producing identification) affirming that their signature was inscribed as their own free act and deed. After performing these duties, the notary will sign and seal the notary acknowledgement form.

Laws§ 89-3-7



State of Mississippi
County of ________________

Personally appeared before me, the undersigned authority in and for the said county and state, on this ____ day of ________________, 20 ___, within my jurisdiction, the within named ______________________ [name of person acknowledged], who acknowledged to me that (he) (she) is ______________________ [title of representative] of ______________________ [name of principal] and that in said representative capacity (he) (she) executed the above and foregoing instrument, after first having been duly authorized so to do.

[Notary Public]
My Commission Expires: ______________________