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Georgia Notary Acknowledgement – Individual

The Georgia notary acknowledgement for an individual is an official certificate sealed by a notary public signifying the authenticity of a signature on a legal instrument. To authenticate (or “acknowledge”) a signature, the individual must present the acknowledgement certificate to the notary along with the original item to be notarized. The notary will ensure the document is complete and confirm the signer’s identity. After the notary performs their duties, the individual must attest to the authenticity of the signature in the notary’s presence. The notary will finalize the process by completing the notarial certificate of acknowledgement.

Laws § 45-17-8



State of Georgia
County of ___________________


This instrument was acknowledged before me this ____ day of ___________________, 20____, by ___________________ (Name of Signer).


_____ Personally Known
_____ Produced Identification
Type and # of ID_____________________


______________________________________                                                            (Seal)
(Signature of Notary)

(Name of Notary Typed, Stamped, or Printed)
Notary Public, State of Georgia