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Georgia Notary Acknowledgement – Corporation

Georgia-Notary-Acknowledgement-Corporation Georgia-Notary-Acknowledgement-CorporationThe Georgia notary acknowledgement for a corporation is used by a notary public to declare that the signature provided by a corporate officer (or agent) is genuine. A notary public may only take the statement of acknowledgement if the officer (or agent) appears in-person and presents evidence of their identity and authority to conduct corporate transactions. After the individual has established their identity, they must acknowledge the authenticity of their signature in the presence of the notary. The notary may then complete the notarial acknowledgement certificate to notarize the document.

Laws – § 45-17-8



State of Georgia
County of ___________________


This instrument was acknowledged before me this ____ day of ___________________, 20____, by ___________________ (Name of Officer or Agent, Title of Officer or Agent) of ___________________ (Name of Corporation Acknowledging) a ___________________ (State or Place of Incorporation) corporation, on behalf of the corporation.


_____ Personally Known
_____ Produced Identification
Type and # of ID_____________________


______________________________________                                                            (Seal)
(Signature of Notary)

(Name of Notary Typed, Stamped, or Printed)
Notary Public, State of Georgia