Georgia Notary Acknowledgement Form

The Georgia notary acknowledgement forms are tools used by a notary public to prove that an individual verified their signature on a document. Through the notarial act of acknowledgement, the notary affirms the signatory’s identity, mental competency, and willingness to execute the document containing their signature. An individual seeking confirmation of their signature will need to appear before the notary public and provide the original item being notarized and the certificate specific to their notarial circumstance (e.g., acknowledgement for an individual, acknowledgement for a corporation). The notary will perform their duties before asking the signatory to acknowledge the signature in their presence. After the statement is made, the notary will finalize the process by filling out the acknowledgement certificate.

Laws – § 45-17-8

Verify a Notary Public –

Georgia Notary Acknowledgement – Individual

The Georgia notary acknowledgement for an individual is an official certificate sealed by a notary public signifying the authenticity of a signature on a legal instrument. To authenticate (or “acknowledge”) a signature, the individual must present the acknowledgement certificate to the notary …

Georgia Notary Acknowledgement – Corporation

Georgia-Notary-Acknowledgement-Corporation Georgia-Notary-Acknowledgement-CorporationThe Georgia notary acknowledgement for a corporation is used by a notary public to declare that the signature provided by a corporate officer (or agent) is genuine. A notary public may only take the statement of acknowledgement if the officer (or …