Connecticut Notary Acknowledgement Forms

The Connecticut notary acknowledgement forms are official records indicating that the individual who executed a document signed willingly and that they were qualified to sign. Acknowledgement certificates will need to be completed by a notary public or other State official authorized to conduct notarial acts. The person seeking acknowledgement must appear before the notarial officer and provide them with satisfactory evidence of their identity; unless the individual is known to the notarial officer, they must either show two (2) or more current government-issued identification documents, or have a credible witness perform an oath (or affirmation) attesting to their identity.

Laws § 1-33 and § 1-62

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Connecticut Notarial Certificate – Jurat

The Connecticut jurat certificate is a record of an oath or affirmation made by an individual attesting to the accuracy of a document. Unlike an acknowledgement certificate which emphasises the authenticity of a signature, a jurat is used to prove that the signing party …

Connecticut Notary Acknowledgement – Individual

The Connecticut notary acknowledgement for an individual is a legal form confirming that a document was signed voluntarily and for the reasons specified therein. The signatory must present a licensed notarial officer with both the acknowledgement certificate and the instrument requiring notarization. Personal …

Connecticut Notary Acknowledgement – Corporation

The Connecticut notary acknowledgement for a corporation is a document proving that a corporate officer personally appeared before a notary public, that the notary confirmed the officer’s identity, and that the individual willfully signed a corporate document. The corporate official must also …