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Connecticut Notarial Certificate – Copy Certification

The Connecticut notarial certificate (copy certification) states that a notary public has recognized the accuracy of a reproduced document. The original item must be provided to the notary and either copied by another individual under the notary’s supervision or copied by the notary himself/herself. Once the electronic or photographic copy is made, the notary must compare the reproduction to the original to ensure the accuracy of the copy. If the information is accurate, the notary may complete the copy certification form to certify the reproduction.

A notary who supervises the copying of an original item may ask the individual to complete a statement attesting to the authenticity of the reproduction. For these circumstances, an Attestation of Copy certificate should be completed and attached to the reproduction.

Laws – § 1-33



State of Connecticut
County of _________________         ss. _________________ (Town/City)


On this the _____ day of _________________, 20_____, I certify that the affixed or attached document has been visually confirmed by me to be a true, exact, and complete copy of the image or text of _________________ (description of original document), presented to me by _________________ or held in my custody as a notorial record, and that, to the best of my knowledge, the copied document is neither a vital record, a public record, nor a publicly recordable document, certified copies of which may be available from an official source other than a notary public.


____________________________                                                                (Seal)

Signature of Notary Public


Title of Officer

Date Commission Expires: _________________