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Utah Notarial Certificate – Jurat

The Utah Jurat, once completed, signed, and affixed with a seal, indicates that the signer of a document swore (or affirmed) to its truthfulness. This act differs from an acknowledgement in that it requires the individual to sign in front of the notary public. The oath or affirmation proves that the statement in the newly signed document is accurate as opposed to validating the signature (as an acknowledgement would). The identity of the signer must be determined prior to the signature and the oath or affirmation taking place.

Laws – UT Code § 46-1-1 (2017)


State of Utah
County of __________

Subscribed and sworn (or affirmed) to before me on this _______ day of _____________ (month), in the year _______ by __________________ [Name of Document Signer).

Witness my hand and official seal


Notary Public