Utah Notary Acknowledgement Forms

The Utah Notary Acknowledgement Forms are documents used to authenticate the signature on legal instruments executed by the residents of Utah. Generally, documents such as power of attorney forms, affidavits, property deeds, and the like require notarization as it must be made certain that the signatures on a legal form with such importance are genuine. The acknowledgement forms must accompany the unnotarized documents as they are presented before a notarial officer. The signatory(ies) are required to bring identification to enable the notary to confirm that they are indeed the individual(s) responsible for completing the instrument. It must be clear that the signature was provided without influence from a third-party and that the legal instrument was put into effect for the purposes stated in the document.

Laws – UT Code § 46-1-1 (2017)

Verify a Notary – https://secure.utah.gov/notary/search.html