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Utah Notary Acknowledgement – Corporation

The Utah Notary Acknowledgement for a Corporation is a document which validates the signature found on a legal instrument executed on behalf of a corporation. The act of acknowledgement involves the signer, while in the presence of a notarial officer, admitting to voluntarily signing the legal instrument in question for the purposes stated in the document. In this case, and in all cases of notarization, the corporate representative will be required to present themselves before the notary, prove their identity (by physical ID or previous knowledge held by the notary public), and acknowledge their signature on the document. It is important that the signer has authority to represent the corporation.

Laws – UT Code § 46-1-1 (2017)


State of Utah
County of __________

On this ________ day of ________, in the year_____, personally appeared ________________ [Name of Principal Signer], whose identity is personally known to me (or proved on the basis of satisfactory evidence) and who by me duly sworn (or affirm), did say ______ [he/she] is the ____________ [Title or Office] of ______________ [Name of
Corporation] and said document was signed by _________ [him/her] in behalf of said Corporation by Authority of its Bylaws or (Resolution of its Board of Directors), and said _____________ acknowledged to me said Corporation executed the same.

Witness my hand and official seal


Notary Public