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Tennessee Notary Acknowledgement – General Acknowledgement

The Tennesee General Notary Acknowledgement form is a document attached to a legal instrument which indicates that the signatories acknowledged their signatures and therefore executed the instrument for the purposes relayed therein. To complete the notarization process, the principal or an authorized agent will be required to present themselves before a notary public with the initial document signed and the acknowledgement form on hand. The notarial officer will identify the principal (or agent) by personal knowledge of their identity or through adequate identification. The officer will then ensure that the signatory completed the instrument, fill in the fields of the acknowledgement form, and furnish the form with their official seal.

Laws – TN Code § 66-22-107


State of Tennessee

County of ________

Personally appeared before me, ____________(Name of Officer), ___________(Official Capacity of Officer), __________(Name of Person Executing Instrument), with whom I am personally acquainted, and who acknowledged that he or she executed the within instrument for the purposes therein contained. [THE FOLLOWING TO BE INCLUDED ONLY WHERE A NATURAL PERSON IS EXECUTING AS AGENT] and who further acknowledged that he or she is the ___________ (Title of Person acting as Agent) of the maker or a constituent of the maker and is authorized by the maker or by its constituent, the constituent being authorized by the maker, to execute this instrument on behalf of the maker.

Witness my hand, at office, this ____day of________, 20____.

Notary’s Signature


My commission expires:_______________