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Tennessee Notary Acknowledgement – Attorney-in-Fact

The Tennesee Notary Acknowledgement for Attorney-in-Fact is a notarial certificate that authenticates the signature of a representative signing on a principal’s behalf. This form, completed and attached to a legal instrument, provides a notarial officer’s certification that the attorney appeared before them, that they were the individual who executed the instrument, that they did so on behalf of the principal and as the free act and will of said principal. It may be necessary for the attorney-in-fact to provide proof of both their identity and their authority.

Laws – TN Code § 66-22-107


State of Tennessee

County of ________

On this ____day of________, 20____ [Day/Month/Year], before me personally appeared __________ [Name of Attorney-in-Fact], to me known (or proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence) to be the person who executed the foregoing instrument in behalf of ___________ [Name of Principal] acknowledged that such person executed the same as the free act and deed of ________________[Name of Principal].

Witness my hand, at office, this ____day of________, 20____.

Notary’s Signature


My commission expires:_______________