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Nebraska Notary Acknowledgement – Partnership

A Nebraska partnership notary acknowledgement form is reserved for notarizing legal documents that have been executed and signed by a partner, agent or officer of a partnership. The partner, after signing the legal instrument, must personally appear before a notary public and show proof of identity. Next, they will be asked to affirm that they signed the document as their own free act and deed. The notary public will fill out the acknowledgement form, inscribe their signature, and affix their official seal.

Laws§ 64-206



State of Nebraska
County of ________________

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this ____ day of ___________, _______, by ________________________ [Name of Acknowledging Partner or Agent], partner (or agent) on behalf of ________________________ [Name of Partnership], a partnership.



[Signature of Person Taking Acknowledgement]
[Title or Rank]
[Serial Number, if any]
[Commission Expiration]